Monday, January 26, 2009

Lovers and Friends

Outside it is cold, snowy, and yucky, nothing like inside. AJ and I just had the BEST weekend. What did we do? nothing. It was fabulous. We snuggled, laughed at our kids, went on a drive,watched movies, snuggled some more. We even kissed like newlyweds. It was such a heavenly way to spend this wintry weekend.... now it's Monday and I am lonely for my guy.
Shay is doing so good in her crib. I totally shouldn't have waited this long to kick her out. She is napping better and sleeping through the night again. Our baby is getting big. She spends the whole day exploring the house; I am having to make sure the nooks and crannies and corners are all cleaned of Bensons crumbs. The only complaint she has is when she crawls into a space she can't find her way out of. Again, she is a sweetheart.
Benson is starting to enjoy having a sister..........finally. He loves to pull her around and show her cool stuff. I think he really wants to wrestle with her but knows that will earn him a time-out so he does it discretely. Maybe a steam roll every now and then... which he calls a hug. Me and AJ had a hard time being mad when he gives us his dimpled smile and says, "Sorry Shay." Having these two, no these three, really makes me grateful for our Heavenly Father's plan. He has given me such a gift, such a blessing to be the mom of this goof-troop.

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