Friday, August 29, 2008

I have had the busiest week. We have lots of family coming into town because Shay is being blessed in church on Sunday. Somehow we came up with the genius idea of making a list of the projects we would like to have done by the weekend. Since I am a freak about lists and just have to cross off all of the items, not only have I been cleaning and organizing, I have done several projects outside. So over the last week I have been crazy, literally, and am just now done with all of my projects and am coming back into sanity. I made a great picture collage on our living room wall of our family pics. I find myself just looking at my kids all day.
I don't know how we made such a cute kid... must be AJ's side of the family.

Monday, August 25, 2008

We're back!!! We spent last week welcoming home my cousin from her mission. It was so good to see Linds and see the Spirit of a fresh missionary. Benson had fun with G-ma, Papa John, and Uncle Trav. He grew to be pretty attached to them.
I came home to our family pics waiting. How exciting! Here are some of the best!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"I wanna go fast."

Monday, August 18, 2008

Night at the Fair

We took Benson and Shay to the fair on Friday night!!! Benson absolutely loved it. He loved the big slide and once we saw the race car ride he went crazy. He ran for it and fought his way through all the people in line till he got right up to the front. Luckily for him, his momma has no shame and even though I was 3 pounds over the weight limit, the carny couldn't speak enough English to keep me off of it. I was embarrassed a little, but wouldn't have missed my sons smile for the world. We had a great family date of corn dogs and elephant ears. Thank goodness for the county fair.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daddy's girl.

This is my little stud a few months ago as we were leaving for church. Notice one of his very favorite things in his hand....mater.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am brand new to this blogging thing... and need all of the help I can get, but love the idea of my friends and family knowing a little better what I am up to.
We have had the best summer, no year, of our lives. We started 2008 by going on a cruise and AJ and I still look back on it and wish we were on the Navigator of the Seas. We soaked up the sun and put our toes in the sand. It was great.
The next few months weren't good for me though, as I was prego and big. I am the most miserable pregnant person ever (ask AJ if you don't believe me). But then came June and we had our Shay. She is a beautiful, sweet, chubby, mommy's girl... and she sleeps through the night so that makes her even cuter. I love having a tiny baby again.
Benson is at such a cute age. He is talking a ton. Sometimes it is in his own language but he is talking none the less. He doesn't exactly love his baby sister... last week he looked at me and said, "Shay go bye-bye." But I am sure she will grow on him. It is amazing to watch your child learn and grow. This is the best season of my life.
AJ and I just started a new business. Earth Movers Excavation. We are loving the freedom of being our own bosses. Well, I have always been the boss, but AJ appreciates answering to one less person.
We have been so lucky to see a lot of our families this year. It is August so we just had our anual trip to Island Park. AJ's family has a cabin there. We spent most of our time at the Sand Dunes so for two days we were covered in sand. And when I say covered... I mean COVERED. There was sand in places you don't want to know about.
July was busy with a new baby, but I got to go home and spend a week with mom, dad, and T-rav. Benson loved the 4-wheeler and Grandmas big, beautiful lawn. I hope we stay this lucky and get to share our kids with their G-parents often. Speaking of kids, I better go find them.
Me and Benson on my birthday. This was one of my only requests... that I get a good pic of my and my sonny!

Benson at the dunes. He loves sand, dirt, rocks... does this remind you of his daddy at all? I had to ask him not to throw sand at his cousin Rylee at least 200 times. But he was in heaven.

This is our Shaylee. Of course I love getting her all dressed up for church. The little old ladies there love that I polish her tiny fingernails and toes. She is such a sweet baby!