Friday, February 13, 2009

A card for my sweetie... The Top Ten Reasons I love AJ

The inside reads:

The top ten reasons I love AJ
1. I love that you can tare it up on a dirtbike and have the scars to prove it.
2. I love that you laugh-out-loud to SNL skits in the middle of the night... funny or not.
3. I love that you fit right into my crazy family... and have even made it more fun.
4. I love your willingness to soothe me even though I can never get enough.
5. I love that I ALWAYS have at least one surprise at Christmas.
6. I love that one is never enough with a bag of fruit snacks.
7. I love that face you make when you concentrate really hard.
8. I love the movies you find in the $5 bin.... well not really but...
9. I love that you aren’t afraid to let your heart sweat. aka cry
10. I love that I am already at ten and could keep going for hours.

Of course he won't see it until tomorrow so don't tell him.

Do you believe in Love?

I have had fun getting ready for Valentines Day this year.... Here are a couple treats I have just felt lovely making, and delivering to the neighbors.

Hope you have a snuggly, lovey-dovey, wonderful day tomorrow. I am going to kick it off with pink heart shaped pancakes!!!!