Thursday, November 13, 2008

My new toy.

I just got a new toy that I totally should have waited for Christmas to get... but I never have been good with self-control or surprises. So today I made a cute mini-scrapbook with it. I learned alot and it isn't exactly what I had in mind when I started but i think it is pretty cute. I am sick of making blocks for SundaShop and this is one of my many ideas (it was bought with my etsy earnings btw). Do you think anyone else in the world wants cute little albums? We'll see...
My bind-it-all at work.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just a quick link to a talented gal with a cool blog. Camille with Simplify. In my next life I am going to be her... or Elizabeth. I hesitate to tell you she is doing a giveaway.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Why does the post office not have a drive-through. I know I am not the only mother who has thought of this.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've been busy doing...

NOTHING! We have had a slow, lonely, couple of weeks. I guess I have been a little busy, between our etsy store and having a scentsy party, but other than that we have been homebound.

I am sick of politics. And you know there has been too much of it on when your two year old sees a flyer and says, "Bama." He cussed in our house. Just kidding. I don't follow politics enough to say that but we voted for the losers. He can't tell us his own name but he can say "Bama" and "M-cain."

Shay is still a good little girl. She is often smiling. On the other hand, she is getting pretty attached to her mother, which I kinda like, it makes me feel less like the invisible mom. So this holiday season, I am sure she won't go nicely to any of the family we haven't seen in a while. Don't take it personally. She went to the doc yesterday and was in perfect health, a blessing that I take for granted too often.

Ben is talking SO much. We still can't understand what he is saying sometimes, especially when he gets going fast. Sometimes he has such a story to tell. Always about bikes...will there ever be anything else? He has received an F in nursery that last two weeks for hitting and pushing. I don't know why I am admitting that. The leader told me he gets ahold of a motorcycle or car and goes straight to the table where he wants to drive it around. If any other kid approaches the table he gets mad. They have a hard time being mad at him cause they still think he's cute, but I am over that so I may have to go in next week and lay down the law on little B.

We had AJ's birthday last week... I think it was his worst ever. He felt old. He also learned that women don't read minds any better than men do. He wanted a new dirtbike helmet. I didn't get the memo. OOps. And although I would have gotten him anything in the world had I know don't feel too bad for him cause his parents and his in-laws gave him enough money to go buy one himself but he won't. He says they are too expensive. I am confused.

(Since we are updating everyone here.) I am the same. I have long's red. I like to scrapbook. I miss our families. I love my little kids. I am half tomboy and half girly-girl. I am loving that now-a-days it is girls vs. boys at our house. Even though we are younger and weaker. We always win. AJ says it is because we are cuter.

Thanks for letting me update. We have a great life thanks to all of you.

Taken as I type, right now. Yes he is sitting on her. Yes she likes it.