Friday, February 13, 2009

A card for my sweetie... The Top Ten Reasons I love AJ

The inside reads:

The top ten reasons I love AJ
1. I love that you can tare it up on a dirtbike and have the scars to prove it.
2. I love that you laugh-out-loud to SNL skits in the middle of the night... funny or not.
3. I love that you fit right into my crazy family... and have even made it more fun.
4. I love your willingness to soothe me even though I can never get enough.
5. I love that I ALWAYS have at least one surprise at Christmas.
6. I love that one is never enough with a bag of fruit snacks.
7. I love that face you make when you concentrate really hard.
8. I love the movies you find in the $5 bin.... well not really but...
9. I love that you aren’t afraid to let your heart sweat. aka cry
10. I love that I am already at ten and could keep going for hours.

Of course he won't see it until tomorrow so don't tell him.


Ashli said...

That is so cute. He'll love it. Oh, yah, and I want to be your neighbor!

Cindy said...

You are so dang cute....Love ya girl

Daddy-O said...
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Daddy-O said...

That's pretty nice Jasey.