Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We just spent the last week from one set of grandparents to the other. It was great to see both of our families. Each time we see them more memories are made and I see Benson bond with them a little more. He is still calling ME grandma. "Thank you, Grandma," he says when I get him something. I guess it could be worse... if I had to be called anything but momma I guess it would be that. Those two ladies love him almost as much as I do. We had a great time. Thanksgiving morning the boys played a little backyard football.
Dinner was great, although little Ben was not. It was naptime and he was grumpy. After dinner, some of us braved our swimming suits (I know, the after dinner belly bulge was definitely in attendance) and took a dip in the hot tub. The cabin is beautiful... for some reason we always have good conversation in there. Friday, AJ and I packed to leave but just as we should be pulling out, Travis called and said he had shot his elk. AJ just had to get in on that, so he drove up to the ranch with the 4-wheeler and helped them get the bloody carcass out. Another bonding experience I guess. So we got a late start but enjoyed our drive through the Flathead and up by Glacier, to another Grandmothers house we go. We didn't get to spend too much time with G-ma and G-pa Leavitt because of Luke's wedding but Benson LOVED grandmas collection of cars and had fun with them. The food, as always, the highlight. We can't wait for Christmas to be back up in Canada in their cozy home.

Can you believe we are into December already? I love it. I wait all year for the holiday season to roll around. I love that I am going to be with family, that everyone has a glow about them. Maybe it is the chill in their cheeks, but I believe it to be the Spirit of Christmas... the fact that we are thinking of others, and celebrating the birth of our Savior. Isn't it some coincidence that we kick off the season with a whole day to think of those things that we are thankful for. I hope we don't forget those things as the holidays get busy and we are rushing hear and there. I hope we remember, all year, but especially as we honor our Savior, that we have been given so much and have so much to be thankful for.

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Ashli said...

This is a GREAT post! I'm hoping that my shopping is over quickly so that we can put up the tree and just bask in this wonderful season.