Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well, we survived a busy weekend with lots of company. We had a great time. Shay's blessing was beautiful! I am so glad we had family here to celebrate our baby, it gets lonely being here in Billings alone.
Saturday was crazy with shopping and getting ready for Sunday. The girls did their thing and the guys built AJ some shelves in the garage. He was absolutely thrilled. After dinner me and the boys went to the nighttime hillclimb at the BMC. It must have been fun cause we were there until after midnight. We had dinner here Sunday and then took the kids swimming at the hotel. Benson wasn't sure at first but by the end we had to pry him out of the pool. It is so fun to see him discover new things.
Monday we had a big breakfast here and then said goodbye. It always makes us sad to see everyone go. Then I was due for a long nap. This week will be recovery week for me....laundry, naps, groceries, etc. We can't wait for the next event when we will be with those we love again.


Ashli said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed the weekend. It is sooo hard to say goodbye when family leaves. I hope that you can get some rest and everything caught up....that's what we're trying to do around here too!

Daddy-O said...

Thanks for comming over for dinner, I hope you really did like the salmon. I understand what you mean by being lonely with no family around. We are in the same boat, at least you guys know a few people around town. It really means alot to me when we can spend time with you guys. You just seem to be the perfect family. Any way, maybe we need to get a baby sitter some night and go to the loft with you guys. I have never laughed so hard. Go Sara Go!