Thursday, June 11, 2009

What've you been up to?

Who me? Well let's see.....

Jasey: Mostly just being a momma. What else is there? June is our last month before the storm hits. We have the busiest summer I have ever heard of so I am just bracing myself for the reunions, weddings, receptions, bridal showers, birthdays that are upcoming. I can't wait to take the kids and do all of the fun summer things,.. the pool, the squirt park, picnics. If the weather would just cooperate. I have all of my flowers planted and they are going to be really pretty... I love to go take care of them. They are the highlight of my day sometimes.

AJ: Working, working, working, occasionally getting in a ride on my dirt bike, working, digging for gold.

Benson: I am currently as cute as ever. Especially when I am happy.... which is most of the time. I had a great day yesterday. I went to play with my friend Elliahna while Shay got shots. Then me and mom had lunch..... don't tell anyone but mom laid with me while I took a nap and I think she might have dozed off too! One of my favorite things right now is to sing silly songs with her. I am a pretty good singer you know. As soon as dad got home we had hot dog's with ketchup and then took a walk. I played with dirt for awhile cause mom and dad were talking with their friends, then, we went and threw rocks in the water. I made a BIG splash, but daddy made the BIGGEST splash. Dad had to help a neighbor move some dirt with his geester (skidsteer) so I told mom, "I've got work to do," and I was off to help. I am a pretty good little worker. I have jobs too. I take the diapers to the garbage and put the dishes in the sink and pick up my room. So, after my chores, I had a bubble bath and was off to read a book and sing some of those silly songs. These are my favorites: Eansy, Beansy Spider, I am a Child of God, The Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Temple Song, If You're Happy and you Know It, Sunbeam Song, The Dirtbike Song which my mom made up. It is a really good song. What a great day!

Today was good,
today was fun,
tomorrow is another one.

Shay: I hate to brag, but I am a good girl. I smile a lot.... I cry a little. Life is just beginning to get a little more fun for me. I started walking on Tuesday. My dad had a cookie and if you have ever had one of those, you know, it is worth walking across the living room for.

I love to play pat-a-cake, I give the sweetest kisses, I am learning a lot. I only know two words, but they are good ones, MaMaMaMa and DaDaDaDa. I love the summer sunshine and mom says that shopping for swimming suits is a lot more fun when the size is 6-12 months. I make mine look pretty good! Someday I will show you........ I am a swimsuit model. Life is good, except when I hear, "No-No Shay." What is it about this contraption that just says, sit on me and make a mess?

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The Wynia Family said...

Hey, it's Kim. I am glad that you guys have a blog! Your kiddos are so darn adorable. We should get together sometime and let the boys play.