Friday, May 8, 2009

He got caught in a blizzard.

I got out of the shower to find that it was snowing in May... bummer. What made it an even bigger bummer was that the snowfall was indoors not out. My sweet son had a now empty can of baby formula in his hand. The contents were spread nicely over every surface in my house. Yes, the couch, the chair, the TV, the table, the bar stools, each kitchen chair, the carpet, the end table, and there was even enough to cover his blond head. It was like a December morning. Everything coated in freshly fallen snow, Bensons footprints right through it.
This was after he had stayed up way too late saying,"Mom" from his bed. I now ask myself why I ever thought that word (mom) was so sweet. This morning he successfully picked every raisin out of his outmeal without actually eating any oatmeal....ugh, frustrating. And when I told AJ about the incident, his response.... "Yeah, he's two. That's what they do." Thanks for the sympothy, hun.
So if mother's day wasn't just around the corner I would definately be putting in my two-weeks notice. I guess I'll go have a good cry and then see if I can survive, no thrive, another week.

I know you are asking where I was during the blizzard..... a girl's got to shower. And luckily I had Shay with me or I am sure she would have been caught in it too. No, she was innocently stirring the toilet water with her pretty polished fingernails. Hey, isn't this what dreams are made of. Pray for me.


Cindy said...

OH Jasey... I would truly like to say I am sorry, but it is only beginning... heheh I love your cute everyday stories... cuz we all had them & they are cherished moments believe me. I know you are frustrated right now... & you will have to clean it all up, for that I am sorry... but there will be a day you will laugh & shake your head...I am sure you know the Trace Adkins song "Your gonna miss this" Well, I do!!!

Ashli said...

Jas..why didn't you tell me about this on Saturday? I know exactly what you are going just want to jump back in the hot shower and dream it is cleaned up when you are done.

The Perry's said...
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The Perry's said...

Oh boy do I know how you feel...only with a big brand new box of laundry detergent...And Cindy is right one day you will laugh. I hope you weren't so frustrated that you didn't stop to get a quick picture. The good news is that when they aren't making you pull your hair out, they are making you laugh like crazy. Take care!