Friday, October 24, 2008


I know it is a week early, but the ward held our Trunk-or-Treat tonight, and after how much work went into these costumes it is a good thing we might get to use them more than once this holiday season.

Benson was very robotic. It was a struggle to get the box on but once it was there he resigned to the fact that his mom is CRAZY and will go to all lengths for a party. The robot had an awesome box-head but he absolutely wouldn't go for that.....compromise.

Wouldn't you know, AJ and I joined in the fun. As we were driving there I was thinking, " I cannot believe I am doing this." Even some of my best friends didn't recognize me at first glance. I thought the red hair would give it away, but. AJ was supposed to be a sweet, slobbery puppy dog but ended up looking like a K9 version of Kiss... oops. We had fun.

And Little Miss Rodeo is dedicated to you mom. Wish you were here.Yes the boots may be a size big. But I know you'll agree they make the outfit. She was so sweet and such a good sport, just like always.


Ashli said...

How fun! I'm so bummed that we missed out on the fun. Great job on the Ma & Pa makeup, and I love the Robot costume!

Deborah&Jaran said...

Hey Leavitts, I'm so glad you emailed this link. Your family is AWESOME! Your kids are so cute. Benson, when you can read this, throw snowballs in the house anytime you want. Even if mommy and daddy say it's not okay.